The Third Peril - L.P. Hoffman First off, I won my copy of this book via a giveaway hosted by Goodreads.

I had entered this drawing for the same reason as I had for [b:The Leviathan Effect|15797991|The Leviathan Effect|James Lilliefors||19257641] so that I could see if it would be money well spent to purchase a copy for a friend that I knew would enjoy this if it was a good read. I had not anticipated enjoying this book. It centers around 3 things I usually avoid when electing my reading material: war/politics, semi/national apocalypse, and God. I avoid these things because more often than not I will stumble across something in the book that offends me in some way. Not so with this book. There were things that outraged me yes but not AT the author but rather on behalf of the heroines/heroes in this tale. Not only did I enjoy this book but I devoured it. I will most definitely purchase a copy for my friend!