Dead Letter Day - Eileen Rendahl First off, I won my copy of this book via a giveaway hosted by Goodreads.

While it had an interesting premise and made for a good standalone read from the series, I had a somewhat difficult time getting into this book. Every time I found myself starting to get into the groove of it there would be a phrase I was unfamiliar with and it would throw me off and throw me out and I'd spend time trying to figure out what it was or looking it up. Now, I'm a well read person. There are NOT a lot of words or phrases I don't know. Which brings me to my second gripe. Languages. I understand that California has a diverse population, however that does not give anyone free reign to assault a reader with more than ONE foreign language in a novel. If an uncommon phrase is necessary for the plot then it should come with some kind of explanation so the reader doesn't get confused. Likewise with the foreign languages, if there is a word in the text that is not English and isn't an entire sentence by a character who doesn't speak English or is speaking their home language for a reason, then that foreign word ought to be accompanied by some kind of brief translation/definition.

I do want to read the first two novels, and given the chance I will read the next one in the series.