If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch First off, I received an Advanced Reader's Edition of the book via a giveaway hosted by Goodreads.

This is one of those books that reminds us to be thankful for everything we have and to not complain so much about what we don't have. It's one of those books that reminds you that no matter how bad off you think you have it there is someone out there who has it worse than you. However, this book also serves to remind us that even in the darkest times, with unknown threats looming close like predator stalking its prey, there is hope. Hope for a new day, a new beginning, and a better life.

The significance of the sectioning of the book was not lost on me. Starting with a section titled "End", then on to "Middle", and on again to the last section titled "Beginning." There's that saying that every end is a new beginning but oft times we don't seem to realize that in between that ending and that beginning there is a middle. That middle is the transition, the adjustment. After that middle phase is over then the true new beginning really happens.

Yes, bad things happen. Yes, there are human monsters in the world. Yes, sometimes everything seems so unfair and downright wrong. But, that is no reason to give up hope. Sometimes we have to be strong for ourselves and sometimes we have to be strong for others. Survive, strive for something better, and do your best to make the best of a bad situation.