City of Dragons - Robin Hobb First off, I won this book via a giveaway hosted by Goodreads.

It is rare that I find a series in which the books can be read alone without being too confusing and yet still swirl you into and irreversibly immerse you in their world.

[a:Robin Hobb|25307|Robin Hobb|] has created just such a series. I am at this very moment making the appropriate search for the works preceding this one in the series. I am enthralled, entranced, and completely beguiled by this fantastical world and it's stunning citizens of all varieties.

Works by an author such as [a:Robin Hobb|25307|Robin Hobb|] deserve to be savored, and yet I have no doubts that had I had more spare time thus far this new year I would have devoured this captivating book in less than a week... perhaps less than a day.

I look forward to the next book with all the eagerness of one addicted to books of fantasy which hold the potential for gaining an epic following!