Seven Point Eight : The First Chronicle - Marie Harbon I am not generally a fan of written sci-fi, however after winning a contest for [b:Seven Point Eight|17179975|Seven Point Eight (The Second Chronicle #2)|Marie Harbon||22113713] the Second Chronicle I was compelled to purchase [b:Seven Point Eight|16047208|Seven Point Eight (The First Chronicle #1)|Marie Harbon||17113643] the First Chronicle. It took me a while, not because of disinterest but because of the hustle and bustle of everyday life as is such for me right now.

If I were to liken this to experiences I am familiar with, I would deem it a mixture of Fringe meets Star Trek with a hint of Dr. Who. I am thoroughly enamored of this series and as soon as morning light dawns (or rather as soon as I wake up since I'm not much of a morning person) I will resume my avid consumption of the second chronicles.

I cannot tell which character holds the most special place in my heart just yet, although I feel it may be Ava (and not because her name is a composition of my initials which I frequently use as a pseudonym). Tahra... How bold, how daring, how perfectly human. Although many of purposely suppress our curiosity or it wilts and dies because it is never nurtured, she epitomizes the curious and yet emotional nature of humanity.

Thank you [a:Marie Harbon|5069707|Marie Harbon|] for this wonderful book!