Seven Point Eight : The Second Chronicle - Marie Harbon First off, I won my copy of Seven Point Eight: The Second Chronicles from a giveaway hosted by Goodreads.

This being said, I was raised a book-loving (practically book worshiping) household. My grandfather always told me that if I was going to read a book that I had better do it right. So at first I found myself reluctant to read this after realizing only a few pages in that its predecessor contained information that would be vital to my grasp of the plot. I drug my feet and entertained myself with other works momentarily until the light bulb turned on one day and I purchased The First Chronicles on for Kindle. I read at every opportunity I had, starving for the words of this work. The night I read the last words of that book was a night much like this one. I had pulled an all-nighter for what I deemed a worthy pursuit. Here I sit tonight, typing up this review at well past two in the morning because lately my days have been to busy to afford me much spare time.

This epic (and I do not use that word lightly) tale grasped me so completely that my mind played out endless scenarios of what I might discover next as the story unfolded before my eager eyes. My waking hours and even my dreams were consumed with the endless possibilities which this sci-fi soap opera might yield. I was captured firmly by the two major loves of my life. Science and my religion. The themes of ancient religions that run through this series call to my Wiccan soul and yet growing up my scientific mind knew that there was some kind of explanation for everything. The intrigue woven by [a:Marie Harbon|5069707|Marie Harbon|] proposes the possibility that perhaps science and religion are not opposing views, one logical and the other fantastical, but rather that they are nearly one and the same. I sorely desired to give this book a five-star review and yet a few things held me back. These are not enough to deter me entirely and they do hold value in the storyline, they're just not quite my cup of tea. However, 4 stars does not do this mind-blowing work justice and so I concede both my desire to praise and discontent with heart-wrenching turns in the plot to give 4.75 stars to this truly amazing, stunning, and captivating work.