To Hellas and Back - Lana Penrose To begin with, I won this book via a giveaway hosted by GoodReads.
As I said before, I'm not generally a fan of biographies of any kind. This book hasn't necessarily changed my mind, but it certainly IS the exception. I really enjoyed it!

I'm no stranger to feelings of forced solitude and ostracism. Since I was in kindergarten I have felt like a transplant to a foreign country (in the figurative sense). I was the the kid nobody wanted to be friends with and God help you if you broke the unspoken rule and tried to be my friends. As selfless and pure as kids can be, they can be equally cruel. As a pre-teen and teen I became thoroughly depressed. Nobody knew. For me, this was life as I was used to it.
This book gave me a view to the other side. Someone with popularity, success, and a blooming social life was suddenly thrust into unfamiliar territory both literally AND figuratively. I laughed, sympathized from and outsider's point of view, and shook my head at turns. As an outsider, I slowly recognized the signs of impending doom; and, with all the futility of a couch bound Superbowl spectator, mentally shouted warnings to Lana of the approaching disaster. I wanted to cry, I wanted to help, I wanted things to have been different.
What I wanted doesn't matter much I suppose, and if things HAD been different I probably would not have had the blessed chance to read this book. In the end Lana did win, even if it was a slightly damaged victory. I look forward to reading "Kickstart My Heart" and hope that Lana kept her humor which I so enjoy.

Thank you, GoodReads and Lana Penrose, for this opportunity!