Witch's Brew - Heidi R. Kling I have seen the "choose an action/option" applied in many books for learning purposes, but I cannot say that I've ever seen it in a leisure book until now. I love it! This trait gives the reader a sense of power, of involvement, and makes this storyline even more appealing than it already is.

I read through each storlyine because I'm that kind of person that will pick door number 1 but still want to at least know what's behind door number 2. For me it did not detract from the book in the least but for others this may not be the best option to pursue.

I thoroughly enjoy the dynamics between Lily, Orchid, Logan, and Chase. I'm especially intrigued by the amulets and certain other objects. My suspicions have been aroused concerning certain other characters and I cannot wait to see what happens next!