Please never underestimate the importance of an editor...

Midnight: Century of the Vampires, 1-3 - Ami Blackwelder

First off, I won my copy of this book via a giveaway hosted at Booklikes.

I have a very hard time believing the words at the very end of this book that claim the author graduated with a BA in English in addition to receiving teaching credentials on top of that. This is in serious need of an editor. Mistakes I can overlook to a point, formatting is crucial for a smooth reading experience, but constant choppy sentences are not acceptable. I can understand and appreciate that particular style when used to convey the tension in a particularly important action scene; but throughout the whole book, when the characters are doing something as mundane as...eating? No.
I had entered the giveaway for this hoping it would redeem the image of vampires in literature, and I could recommend it to all my friends who agree that vampire's DON'T sparkle. (Yes, I read the series. No, I'm not a "twi-hard." Unfortunately for me, I have a character trait that demands I finish what I start.) This really didn't do that.

[spoiler]The "human" rebels defeat vampires by clawing their eyes out, breaking their necks (with their bare hands), and basically beating the ever-living stuffing out of them. NOT REDEEMING IN THE LEAST![/spoiler]

The above being said, I really enjoyed the artwork. The premise is good, but I did see the plot-twist coming from a mile away.


Also, I never trust a book that doesn't have at least one bad review. It's a red-flag that people were probably hand-picked to review it.